Visual Identity for Badoo's latest experiential campaign. In August 2021 Badoo partnered with top local brands in Moscow to create a series of branded experiences encouraging daters to discover new places for their dates and try something new.

The name and the visual language of the campaign refer to the 70s Summer of Love giving a sense of freedom and fun in light of the lifted COVID restrictions. 70s electric colour combinations and psychedelic illustrations are given a modern twist making it fresh again. The illustrations are created by Natasha Bayduzha.

identity / art direction / design / experiential
In July 2020, I was honored to host the very first film festival. It featured two dozens of movies carefully selected by me, and a few audience picks. For each movie, I created a poster utilizing the fonts from's decent collection.

posters / typography / 3d / self-initiated
Visual identity for a creative hub in Minsk. Raznochtenia combines a coffee shop, a bookstore, a coworking space, and a lecture hall.

strategy / identity / art direction / design
Mini-identity for a blockchain-based decentralized platform for filmmaking, investing and distributing movies.

identity / art direction / design
Various graphics done for Badoo & Bumble internal and external HR brand communications.

hr brand / communications / design / art direction / 3d
All-Hands is a quarterly corporate event for all Badoo Group employees aiming to inform them about the projects worked on in this given period, big changes, company goals, and plans for the nearest future. The Badoo family is huge and it is important to reach out to each and every one of its members to be aligned and to share the vision. The event is usually held in BAFTA, London.

A straightforward metaphor of a spreading word (or a radio signal, if you like) is used as the main visual element for the event's identity and refers to Alexander Rodchenko's constructivist poster graphics.

identity / event / art direction / design
Marketing campaign identity for one of the biggest food delivery services in Russia. Food is a sensory experience. A tasty dish can boost your mood, dizzy, or even inspire you to dedicate a poem to it. Delivery Club celebrates all tastes in its campaign: sweet, spicy, piquant, tart. These sensory experiences are synesthetically translated into campaign's visual language.

identity / communications / art direction / design
Visual identity for badoo_tech, the technological firepower behind Badoo & Bumble. It is a community of single-minded IT professionals, aiming to contribute to the development of the industry. Its visual identity inherits basic visual style elements of the head brand while delivering a geeky, technological and playful twist not deprived of self-irony.

hr brand / identity / design / art direction
Photo series inspired by Saul Leiter's works captures the multi-faceted texture of New York on a melting hot summer day of August 2019. Shot on Google Pixel 3.

photography / homage / self-initiated
The concept of this event identity is born from the skilfully crafted tension of Hitchcock's motion pictures, movies so powerful they still have great influence on the modern audience and cinematography. At the heart of these movies is the pleasurable mix of excitement and anxiety, suspense. Tension from the ambiguity of Hitch's movies is built up through the power of storytelling and strong visuals, where light and shadows play a significant role. Shadows bring uncertainty in the world around us: distorted, shivering shadows deceive us, make us wonder yet beware the things in the Light of the Shadows.

d&ad graphite pencil / identity / event / design / art direction
A bilingual identity for the British Council fashion film exhibition. The main idea expresses the dynamics and magic of cinematography with the help of images only. Inspired by the optical effect, known as motograph, and experimental photo works by a famous fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, we created a font and designed a system that reflects the nature of the exhibition and highlights the role of Great Britain in the development of fashion films.

d&ad yellow pencil / identity / design / art direction